The Revolutionary Faithful Fathers of the Seas

Otto's Log

Session 1

The day began as so many before it had, with the flutter of wings displacing leaves in the canopy , sending morning light down on the sleeping druid. From where he lay strewn across a particularly strong branching trunk of one of the forests many banyan tree Otto went about the routine his mornings had fallen into since…well…since as long as he could remember. Today, however, was different. A message, from the city nearby. A soldier, Bly by name, summoning the wandering druid in what appeared to be some kind of conscription effort. With nothing but the daily tending to the woods and creatures within to occupy his time, Otto submitted to curiosity and accepted the summons.

At the Boar’s Head tavern he met with fellow adventurers, all bearing matching letters from the same man; Bly. Otto helped himself to some of the tavern’s ale, not wanting the trip into the city to be entirely wasted should this prove to be a trick, while the others recounted tales of their forefathers involvement in the founding of this very city. Otto was listening with growing interest when suddenly Bly himself arrived on the scene and promptly set about administering what he called a “test”. A wild boar was unleased on the Tavern which bore its name ( ;P) and while its ferocity left a mark on Slogo he will be sure to remember, the motley crew formed up with impressive efficiency and saw to returning their companion to his feet while also dealing swift doom to their opponent.

Having seemingly passed Bly’s first test, both by surviving and by working as a group, the newly formed party set out on their next task. Some Goblins had taken up residence in a nearby structure, the party was to remove them, by force if necessary. Otto, seeking to prove his usefulness to the others, communed with the fey sprits, convincing them to play a prank on the goblins, terrifying them out of their makeshift den and out into the woods surrounding the city.

Once again the party met up with Bly, this time assigned a list of residents owing money to the Sgt. in one way or another. The party, haven proven to be competent to one another, elected to split the task and each seek out one of the names on the list. Otto stepped forward to speak to a member of the scribes college, and set out to climb the many stairs to the individuals office. After some brief and generally pleasant exchange, Otto left the office holding a ring belonging to a noble house, worth a margin more than the owed debt, by his estimation. To collect the liquid asset, Otto set out again, this time to the house of the noble family. Eventually the druid was seen into a study and enjoyed the audience of the master of the house. Not wanting to offend a man of clear station, Otto brought his business before the man quickly and frankly, offering to take only the amount needed to settle his employer’s debt instead of attempting to haggle for additional funds. Otto left the manor with gold in hand and the feeling that he had made a positive impression on the master of the house.


Kryptic zakslivka

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