The Revolutionary Faithful Fathers of the Seas

Otto's Log 2

Session 2

My newfound compatriots and I had decided to split the burden of our assignment in collecting a number of debts owed. We, having collectively gathered the requested amount, regrouped at the Boar’s Head Inn. While we may not have been able to draw much collective profit, Hestia was able to secure a location for our newfound group’s Head Quarters. I, personally, don’t much care for the thought of a windowless, air-tight, dead-wood tomb…but I have been promised access to some of the land included in the property to cultivate a garden; bringing back some of the wild to this cold dead place.

Before we could get settled, we encountered the same group of goblins we had been asked to vacate earlier by Sgt. Bly. I experienced some mixed success attempting to negotiate with the curious critters, but in the end, they seemed more of a liability than a potential ally, and so I took decisive action, lashing out at their leader. I was pleasantly surprised to see my companions leap into action at my side; Tyriel, Benjamin, Slogo, and Hesita all lending their strength and cunning to dispatch all 3 of the Goblins…
…but soon thereafter, we were approached by the rest of their tribe…they seem to revere me as the one responsible for the death of their former leader…we shall see if they can’t be persuaded to help in the garden…

Having gotten settled, Bly once again approached our group with a job: A handful of nobles had gone missing, and we had been tasked with their retrieval. Our reward would be a complete furnishing of our rather sorry-state of an HQ. Immediately, we took to the woods, scouting it out one sector at a time. Eventually finding our way to a cave with some suspicious looking guards. Tyriel recognized the guards as members of a gang he used to run with. I did a little recon, shifting into the inconspicuous form of a tiny spider and crawling my way covertly into the caves. There I saw the leader of the Gang, the nobles we were searching for, and a large, armed, and readied force of bandits with dead-mans-grip trigger traps aimed right for the targets.

After regrouping and strategizing with Tyriel, we decided our best idea was to draw out the bandits, and try to hit them while they were on the move. Tyriel was able to successfully draw them out and keep them distracted, but before we were able to get them moving, a more extreme plan occurred to us. Using my smaller form, I crept into the ear-way of the leader of the bandits, then, risking my own life in doing so, shifted back to my larger human shape. Luckily I was able to withstand the stress of shifting in a confined space…unluckily for the leader, his cranium exploded from the force, and his underlings; seeing this, laid down their weapons and released the prisoners.


Kryptic zakslivka

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