The Revolutionary Faithful Fathers of the Seas

Otto's Log 3

Session 3

Leaving the disposing of and cleaning up after to the infamous Owl Bear Team 9, our group set to escorting the hostages back to the city. While walking, Tyriel and myself began to work out the framework for a deal with what we learned to be the eldest of a trio of sons. He claimed his father was on the verge of death, and that when he became the head of the family he would be in a position to make us a mutually beneficial partnership. I was drawn to this idea right away, though Tyriel, man of honor that he is, requested we conference with the party first.
However, before we had the opportunity, chaos broke out! Benjamin began throwing accusations of murder and conspiracy. Hestia, after her conversation with the middle brother, attempted to assassinate the Eldest by way of a poisoned handshake. He would have been successful, however, using my limited knowledge of the human’s “Medicine” I was able to counter-act the poison, and keep the patient stable until Benjamin was able to lend his expertise. From there, we decided to rush the patient to better facilities within the city. We met up with Tyriel, who had been chasing the youngest brother; even having scored 2 shots against the fleeing man. I shifted into a spider to watch for the younger brother at the southern gate. Soon he came limping in, and I was able to jump aboard and stay hidden within his cloak.

Soon enough, my companions found the manor which the youngest brother was taking cover in. sensing my window to act shrinking, I decided to end his life, I shifted back to my humanoid form, and after a brief skirmish, hauled his smoking body out the back window. Tyriel and myself disposed of the body in the city’s sewer system, and from there I returned to the barracks where the eldest brother was being cared for. I remained with him, to see to his recovery and ward off other assassins’ until my companions tore me away to, at last, depart on our mission for Admiral Bly.


Kryptic zakslivka

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