The Revolutionary Faithful Fathers of the Seas

Hestia Bell

episode 1

I had recently arrived back at my village in Lizel jungle ( located in mid Ymir). No sooner had I settled in , a invitation was presented to me! Requesting that I come to the city of Morning Star on behalf of an Admiral Bly. A day of rest and preparation then I was off.. Once I arrived in Morning Star my instructions were to go to the Boar’s Head Inn. The Admiral showed up shortly after with a greeting then a test of mine as well as 4 other interesting individuals!. This test was that of a literal boar being released at the door from behind us, we together swiftly resolved the test set to us. Admiral Bly approved of the results. giving us a new task (also to test us) to go outside town to a tavern where goblins took up resident, instructions were to dispatch goblins as we saw fit, by convincing them to leave or elimination it was our choice!…The tavern was a bit run down and filthy, but thanks to one of the other new comrades I now have (who can’t seem to remember who he is) we were able to come to a peaceful resolve which made the goblins run…I assume the owner was grateful for the help. We then returned to see Admiral Bly and report our success! Admiral Bly made a request right after our return from outside town and asked for us to do a paying job for him which was to gather 200 gold from 5 different people, our cut is 20% and we are to bring him 800 gold. We then came up with the plan to each collect from one person on the list, I got the luck of having to deal with a huge man ( bug bear) who went by the name “Big Dick” Dickers. This fellow was more layed back than one would have expected.. I went to the casino to see Dickers and collect the debt but as expected he didn’t have the money, He said it was tied up in a few things that would resolve in a couple weeks, though I was given the option to wait for the bets to go through and then get paid 250 gold or I could call his debt good if I accepted 1 of 3 other options.. 1. piece of sky metal as he called it 2.a crack house in town being more closely watched by law enforcement 3. (Oddly enough) the tavern outside of town with 4 plots of land in which we cleared out By all means I took the deed to the tavern clearing him of his debt and offered aid if he needed it at a later time! From this point I went to City Hall just in case had the deed checked out to validate it and put into my name….Now mind you I am a traveler and an entertainer so I felt this would bring in money for the party I am now with as well as a rent free place to stay…. I know its gonna need cleaning and some add-ons as we go but its a start, but hey who doesn’t want a place to retire later on after a full life of adventure and excitement!.


Kryptic soulreaper7854

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