The Revolutionary Faithful Fathers of the Seas

Tyriel's Notes

Morning Star

Summoned to the town of Morning Star by Fleet Admiral Bly. Upon arriving immediately went to the Boar’s Head Tavern. Met with Admiral Bly he offered myself and four others training, we accepted.

While in the Boar’s Head Tavern we are attacked by a boar which our group slayed.

We receive a job from Admiral Bly to go out to a tavern outside the city limits and rid it of the goblins that infest it. Thanks to the druid in our group The goblins ran away in fear without the group firing a shot.

Our next job was to retrieve 1,000 gold pieces from five individuals in the city of Morning Star.
1. Gilberto Hillock
2. William P Thorne
3. Serena Bloodfist
4. Bobby"Big Dick" Dicker
5. Ted Blackmoon

I drew Cpt of the wall Gilberto Hillock and immediately went to see him. I arrived at his office and found him in. We talked about the old days for a bit then I asked about the gold. He had to go get the gold and asked me to do him a favor. Upon his return I gave him the info he wanted and he gave me the 200 gps.

Arriving back at the Boar’s Head I found Ben (fellow companion) outside. His meeting with Serena Bloodfist did not go well. Ben not only didn’t get the gold but he is no longer permitted inside the Boar’s Head. After Ben tells me the details of the meeting I volunteer to talk to Serena, Ben agrees. I find Serena in a somewhat agitated mood. Thankfully we are friends and she listens instead of fighting. We go back and forth with proposals and counter proposals. Finally it comes down to waiting 30 days for Serena to get the money or take an elixir she’s willing to give us and call it even. Serena gives me the name of a Mage named Akshaz located in the mages tower. The group goes to the mages tower, Akshaz meets with me and pays 220 gold for the elixir.


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