The Revolutionary Faithful Fathers of the Seas

Otto's Log 3
Session 3

Leaving the disposing of and cleaning up after to the infamous Owl Bear Team 9, our group set to escorting the hostages back to the city. While walking, Tyriel and myself began to work out the framework for a deal with what we learned to be the eldest of a trio of sons. He claimed his father was on the verge of death, and that when he became the head of the family he would be in a position to make us a mutually beneficial partnership. I was drawn to this idea right away, though Tyriel, man of honor that he is, requested we conference with the party first.
However, before we had the opportunity, chaos broke out! Benjamin began throwing accusations of murder and conspiracy. Hestia, after her conversation with the middle brother, attempted to assassinate the Eldest by way of a poisoned handshake. He would have been successful, however, using my limited knowledge of the human’s “Medicine” I was able to counter-act the poison, and keep the patient stable until Benjamin was able to lend his expertise. From there, we decided to rush the patient to better facilities within the city. We met up with Tyriel, who had been chasing the youngest brother; even having scored 2 shots against the fleeing man. I shifted into a spider to watch for the younger brother at the southern gate. Soon he came limping in, and I was able to jump aboard and stay hidden within his cloak.

Soon enough, my companions found the manor which the youngest brother was taking cover in. sensing my window to act shrinking, I decided to end his life, I shifted back to my humanoid form, and after a brief skirmish, hauled his smoking body out the back window. Tyriel and myself disposed of the body in the city’s sewer system, and from there I returned to the barracks where the eldest brother was being cared for. I remained with him, to see to his recovery and ward off other assassins’ until my companions tore me away to, at last, depart on our mission for Admiral Bly.

Otto's Log 2
Session 2

My newfound compatriots and I had decided to split the burden of our assignment in collecting a number of debts owed. We, having collectively gathered the requested amount, regrouped at the Boar’s Head Inn. While we may not have been able to draw much collective profit, Hestia was able to secure a location for our newfound group’s Head Quarters. I, personally, don’t much care for the thought of a windowless, air-tight, dead-wood tomb…but I have been promised access to some of the land included in the property to cultivate a garden; bringing back some of the wild to this cold dead place.

Before we could get settled, we encountered the same group of goblins we had been asked to vacate earlier by Sgt. Bly. I experienced some mixed success attempting to negotiate with the curious critters, but in the end, they seemed more of a liability than a potential ally, and so I took decisive action, lashing out at their leader. I was pleasantly surprised to see my companions leap into action at my side; Tyriel, Benjamin, Slogo, and Hesita all lending their strength and cunning to dispatch all 3 of the Goblins…
…but soon thereafter, we were approached by the rest of their tribe…they seem to revere me as the one responsible for the death of their former leader…we shall see if they can’t be persuaded to help in the garden…

Having gotten settled, Bly once again approached our group with a job: A handful of nobles had gone missing, and we had been tasked with their retrieval. Our reward would be a complete furnishing of our rather sorry-state of an HQ. Immediately, we took to the woods, scouting it out one sector at a time. Eventually finding our way to a cave with some suspicious looking guards. Tyriel recognized the guards as members of a gang he used to run with. I did a little recon, shifting into the inconspicuous form of a tiny spider and crawling my way covertly into the caves. There I saw the leader of the Gang, the nobles we were searching for, and a large, armed, and readied force of bandits with dead-mans-grip trigger traps aimed right for the targets.

After regrouping and strategizing with Tyriel, we decided our best idea was to draw out the bandits, and try to hit them while they were on the move. Tyriel was able to successfully draw them out and keep them distracted, but before we were able to get them moving, a more extreme plan occurred to us. Using my smaller form, I crept into the ear-way of the leader of the bandits, then, risking my own life in doing so, shifted back to my larger human shape. Luckily I was able to withstand the stress of shifting in a confined space…unluckily for the leader, his cranium exploded from the force, and his underlings; seeing this, laid down their weapons and released the prisoners.

Otto's Log
Session 1

The day began as so many before it had, with the flutter of wings displacing leaves in the canopy , sending morning light down on the sleeping druid. From where he lay strewn across a particularly strong branching trunk of one of the forests many banyan tree Otto went about the routine his mornings had fallen into since…well…since as long as he could remember. Today, however, was different. A message, from the city nearby. A soldier, Bly by name, summoning the wandering druid in what appeared to be some kind of conscription effort. With nothing but the daily tending to the woods and creatures within to occupy his time, Otto submitted to curiosity and accepted the summons.

At the Boar’s Head tavern he met with fellow adventurers, all bearing matching letters from the same man; Bly. Otto helped himself to some of the tavern’s ale, not wanting the trip into the city to be entirely wasted should this prove to be a trick, while the others recounted tales of their forefathers involvement in the founding of this very city. Otto was listening with growing interest when suddenly Bly himself arrived on the scene and promptly set about administering what he called a “test”. A wild boar was unleased on the Tavern which bore its name ( ;P) and while its ferocity left a mark on Slogo he will be sure to remember, the motley crew formed up with impressive efficiency and saw to returning their companion to his feet while also dealing swift doom to their opponent.

Having seemingly passed Bly’s first test, both by surviving and by working as a group, the newly formed party set out on their next task. Some Goblins had taken up residence in a nearby structure, the party was to remove them, by force if necessary. Otto, seeking to prove his usefulness to the others, communed with the fey sprits, convincing them to play a prank on the goblins, terrifying them out of their makeshift den and out into the woods surrounding the city.

Once again the party met up with Bly, this time assigned a list of residents owing money to the Sgt. in one way or another. The party, haven proven to be competent to one another, elected to split the task and each seek out one of the names on the list. Otto stepped forward to speak to a member of the scribes college, and set out to climb the many stairs to the individuals office. After some brief and generally pleasant exchange, Otto left the office holding a ring belonging to a noble house, worth a margin more than the owed debt, by his estimation. To collect the liquid asset, Otto set out again, this time to the house of the noble family. Eventually the druid was seen into a study and enjoyed the audience of the master of the house. Not wanting to offend a man of clear station, Otto brought his business before the man quickly and frankly, offering to take only the amount needed to settle his employer’s debt instead of attempting to haggle for additional funds. Otto left the manor with gold in hand and the feeling that he had made a positive impression on the master of the house.

Tyriel's Notes
Morning Star

Summoned to the town of Morning Star by Fleet Admiral Bly. Upon arriving immediately went to the Boar’s Head Tavern. Met with Admiral Bly he offered myself and four others training, we accepted.

While in the Boar’s Head Tavern we are attacked by a boar which our group slayed.

We receive a job from Admiral Bly to go out to a tavern outside the city limits and rid it of the goblins that infest it. Thanks to the druid in our group The goblins ran away in fear without the group firing a shot.

Our next job was to retrieve 1,000 gold pieces from five individuals in the city of Morning Star.
1. Gilberto Hillock
2. William P Thorne
3. Serena Bloodfist
4. Bobby"Big Dick" Dicker
5. Ted Blackmoon

I drew Cpt of the wall Gilberto Hillock and immediately went to see him. I arrived at his office and found him in. We talked about the old days for a bit then I asked about the gold. He had to go get the gold and asked me to do him a favor. Upon his return I gave him the info he wanted and he gave me the 200 gps.

Arriving back at the Boar’s Head I found Ben (fellow companion) outside. His meeting with Serena Bloodfist did not go well. Ben not only didn’t get the gold but he is no longer permitted inside the Boar’s Head. After Ben tells me the details of the meeting I volunteer to talk to Serena, Ben agrees. I find Serena in a somewhat agitated mood. Thankfully we are friends and she listens instead of fighting. We go back and forth with proposals and counter proposals. Finally it comes down to waiting 30 days for Serena to get the money or take an elixir she’s willing to give us and call it even. Serena gives me the name of a Mage named Akshaz located in the mages tower. The group goes to the mages tower, Akshaz meets with me and pays 220 gold for the elixir.

Hestia Bell
episode 1
I had recently arrived back at my village in Lizel jungle ( located in mid Ymir). No sooner had I settled in , a invitation was presented to me! Requesting that I come to the city of Morning Star on behalf of an Admiral Bly. A day of rest and preparation then I was off.. Once I arrived in Morning Star my instructions were to go to the Boar’s Head Inn. The Admiral showed up shortly after with a greeting then a test of mine as well as 4 other interesting individuals!. This test was that of a literal boar being released at the door from behind us, we together swiftly resolved the test set to us. Admiral Bly approved of the results. giving us a new task (also to test us) to go outside town to a tavern where goblins took up resident, instructions were to dispatch goblins as we saw fit, by convincing them to leave or elimination it was our choice!…The tavern was a bit run down and filthy, but thanks to one of the other new comrades I now have (who can’t seem to remember who he is) we were able to come to a peaceful resolve which made the goblins run…I assume the owner was grateful for the help. We then returned to see Admiral Bly and report our success! Admiral Bly made a request right after our return from outside town and asked for us to do a paying job for him which was to gather 200 gold from 5 different people, our cut is 20% and we are to bring him 800 gold. We then came up with the plan to each collect from one person on the list, I got the luck of having to deal with a huge man ( bug bear) who went by the name “Big Dick” Dickers. This fellow was more layed back than one would have expected.. I went to the casino to see Dickers and collect the debt but as expected he didn’t have the money, He said it was tied up in a few things that would resolve in a couple weeks, though I was given the option to wait for the bets to go through and then get paid 250 gold or I could call his debt good if I accepted 1 of 3 other options.. 1. piece of sky metal as he called it 2.a crack house in town being more closely watched by law enforcement 3. (Oddly enough) the tavern outside of town with 4 plots of land in which we cleared out By all means I took the deed to the tavern clearing him of his debt and offered aid if he needed it at a later time! From this point I went to City Hall just in case had the deed checked out to validate it and put into my name….Now mind you I am a traveler and an entertainer so I felt this would bring in money for the party I am now with as well as a rent free place to stay…. I know its gonna need cleaning and some add-ons as we go but its a start, but hey who doesn’t want a place to retire later on after a full life of adventure and excitement!.
Ben's pov of meeting
From Ben's pov

I Arrived in the city of morning star and met with the admiral who gave us a basic combat test. The small pug man was knocked out but I was able to channel forth healing for him. We then cleared out a building outside town with our unstable bearded companion tricking then into leaving then we had to stop him from starting a huge fire. We made it back to town and were tasked with collection of loans i was unable to see eye to eye with the barkeep so waiting for the other members to discuss her offer of an elixir to sell which we did. This team seems unorthodox but could be effective time will tell.


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