Tyriel Moonshadow

Half Elf Ranger


Tyriel Moonshadow is the son of Elynyn Moonshadow and Queen Irodas Ravencrest (only 5 people in the kingdom knows). He has one sister Cetesie Ravencrest.

His relationship with his mother is strange, in private the queen loves her son publicly she treats him slightly friendlier than any of her other subjects. His father is unhappy with his son, they seldom talk even when they’re in same room. His relationship with his sister is loving as brother and sister go they are very close. There is nothing Tyriel would not do for his sister.

He was raised primarily by his father in the town of Morning Star. He learned his thievery skills at an early age having joined a local gang.

Served two years in prison for repeatedly defecating on local hero’s statue. Upon release joined the military where he honed his skills in weaponry and survival. After serving 5 years left the Army and has been an adventurer since.

Tyriel Moonshadow

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